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Certified Birth / Postpartum DOULA and Midwife Assistant Program Description

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Dual Certification!

This is an excellent program designed to get students involved in birth work by providing valuable dual certifications for both DOULA and Midwife Assistant. This accelerated program is also an excellent starting point for students who are considering their future in Midwifery, or for those who live in areas where the practice of midwife assisted birth is restricted.

Students who finish this program and enroll in the Traditional Midwifery program receive a 50% tuition discount for the Traditional Midwifery program.

Recommended study time per day: 2 - 3 hours.

Topics of study presented in sections include but are not limited to:
Basic Vocabulary
Basic Anatomy & Physiology
Basic Human Development
Basic Nutrition During Pregnancy & Postpartum
Pregnancy & Birth
Postpartum care & family support
The Art & Practice of Doula Care

For a complete program description and enrollment application please order an MSTM school catalog.